Smart sequences – branching based on BPF state, entity property, and global exit criteria


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Jun 1, 2021

Business value

Sellers today are required to check the customer status and take a number of actions:

  • Decide what task to perform next.
  • Create a new email task.
  • Edit the email with the relevant information.
  • Send it to the customer and wait for a response.

This process can be automated, but it requires explicit action from sellers so they will have more time to close other business opportunities.

Feature details

  • Branching based on Entity Property: This feature will allow sales engagement managers to define sequence branching based on a value of a field. For example, if the budget is greater than $1 million, set up a meeting. Otherwise, send email. 
  • Branching based on BPF Stage: Sequences can also be customized to branch based on the business process flow (BPF) stage. For example, if the lead gets qualified, exit this sequence. 
  • Global Exit Criteria: Sellers would like to focus on the deal that is relevant and remove any deal that doesn't require future attention. In order to support this, we are providing global exit criteria.

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