Unhindered data entry across rows


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users, automatically Aug 9, 2021 Oct 1, 2021

Business value

Accelerate repetitive data entry through a reliable and predictable editing experience. Never lose a keystroke when correcting data across cells or when filling out data column by column, but still benefit from business rules that validate your input.

Feature details

Efficient typing experience

When you type data in any editable list, the Business Central web client no longer pauses while it processes the previously modified rows. By removing these boundaries, users enjoy a more lightweight and agile typing experience, similar to working in Excel.

Pages continue to validate all entered fields and rows in the sequence they were entered.

Related improvements

While this feature already provides a highly responsive experience in itself, data entry becomes even more efficient when combined with other features such as Quick Entry, focus mode on list parts, and various keyboard shortcuts. The 2021 release wave 2 also includes improvements to some related features that further enhance the typing experience:

  • Using the F8 key to copy the value of the cell above now works more reliably due to data entry optimizations. The F8 key now also supports copying a true or false Boolean value from the cell above.
  • With support for localized decimal separators on numeric keypads, typing currency amounts and other decimal values can be done efficiently with one hand. For information about changes to decimal separators, see Decimal separator on numeric keypad matches region setting.
  • Cells that require a value and display the mandatory indicator will now display the indicator on all rows, providing added clarity to which fields must be filled in.

Try it out

Experience the fluid, Excel-like typing experience in editable lists on a sales order. To try it out, sign in to your online Business Central environment and create a new sales order, then type into the Lines section of the page.

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