Session.ApplicationArea([Text]) Method

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Gets or sets the application areas for the current session.


[ApplicationArea := ]  Session.ApplicationArea([ApplicationArea: Text])


This method can be invoked without specifying the data type name.


[Optional] ApplicationArea
 Type: Text
The new application areas for the current session.

Return Value

[Optional] ApplicationArea
 Type: Text
The application areas for the current session.


This method lets you hide certain user interface elements (including page fields and actions, and report request page options) based on the application area to which they belong. Controls that define these items can be tagged with one or more application areas by setting the ApplicationArea property. When the ApplicationArea method is called in a client session, only those controls that are tagged with the application areas set by the method will be appear in the user interface.


Currently, this functionality is intended for the application areas that are defined in table 9178 Application Area Setup. You can define your own application areas but be aware that the implementation might change in future release.

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