Overview of Customer Insights - Journeys forms


Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights are now Customer Insights - Journeys and Customer Insights - Data. For more information, see Dynamics 365 Customer Insights FAQs

New Customer Insights - Journeys customers receive real-time journeys features only. For more information, see Default real-time journeys installation.


Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys may transfer customer data outside of the selected Azure geographic location when using the following features that use Azure CDN (content delivery network) to operate globally:

You can still execute marketing campaigns without using such features by hosting your assets and forms in a content management system of your choice.

A marketing form is an inbound communication channel that allows your customers to register for newsletters, ask for quotations, etc. The form is defined by a set of input fields arranged into a form layout.

Each marketing form is made from a collection of fields, buttons, graphical elements, and a few configuration settings. Each field included in your form is linked to an attribute of an entity in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys.

The Customer Insights - Journeys form editor allows you to easily and quickly create and publish forms. You can choose a template or start from scratch. You can also design form content using drag-and-drop elements and preview options. Once your form is ready, you can publish the form in one quick step.


There's a limit of 2,000 requests/minute per org. The request limit includes visits, lookup, CAPTCHA, and form submission. The limit allows around 100 to 500 submissions/minute, depending on the form.

Comparison of Customer Insights - Journeys and outbound marketing forms

  • The main difference between Customer Insights - Journeys and outbound marketing forms is that Customer Insights - Journeys forms can update only one entity (typically a Lead or Contact). Targeting a single entity makes the form configuration and maintenance easier and it allows you to build properly targeted journeys.
  • There's no need to create custom fields for Customer Insights - Journeys forms. All entity attributes are already available as fields to be used in a form. That includes all custom attributes you created for your lead or contact entities.
  • You're no longer required to create a form page to embed your form into a web page. You can generate the form embedding code snippet with one action.
  • Published Customer Insights - Journeys forms are hosted on Content Delivery Network (CDN), which significantly reduces the form load time for the page visitor.
  • Journey orchestration: Use the "Marketing Form Submitted" trigger for journeys based on Customer Insights - Journeys forms. The trigger for outbound marketing forms has been renamed to "Marketing Form Submitted (Outbound)".
  • It's not possible to edit outbound marketing forms in the Customer Insights - Journeys form editor and vice versa.

Form types comparison

The following table summarizes the types of forms currently available in Customer Insights - Journeys. More form types will be available soon.

Form type in outbound marketing Form type in Customer Insights - Journeys
Landing page form Marketing form
Subscription center form Preference center (will be available as part of Consent configuration)
Event registration form Create event registration forms through real-time marketing event management
External form submission capture N/A
Refer to friend N/A

Security notice

Security is an important aspect of forms. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys takes the following precautions to avoid any security risks:

  • The Customer Insights - Journeys app accepts form submissions only from domains allowed for external form hosting.
  • The Customer Insights - Journeys app infrastructure contains necessary precautions to minimize the impact of a possible DDoS attack.

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