Data Connections quickstart


  • For Data Connections, you need an Azure subscription and a storage account.
  • Currently, Data Connections is limited to the West US 2 region. We will be expanding this to other regions soon.
  • For PlayFab to ingest data in your storage account, container details along with authorization using a SAS token are required. To create a SAS token using Microsoft Azure portal, follow the steps below.


Currently, West US 2 is the only supported Azure region. We're planning to expand support to additional regions soon.

Create a Data Connection

A Connection is created to integrate your storage resource with PlayFab and retrieve the PlayStream and Telemetry data. You can configure up to three data connections in the “enabled (active)” state. From the Game Manager:

  • Navigate to your Title
  • Select Data from the menu on the left
  • Select Data Connections from the Data tabs
  • Select New Connection, new data connections configuration page is opened
  • Define Sink Setting of Azure Blob Storage type
    • Enter Name
    • Enter Account Name
    • Enter Container Name
    • Enter SAS Token as generated in the Azure portal
  • Select Save
    • With the default check on Enabled, the connection between PlayFab and the customer’s resource is established once saved.
    • With uncheck on Enabled, the connection between PlayFab and the customer’s resource is validated but not established until saved.

Screenshot of Create Data Connection

Manage Connections

The Data Connections overview (landing) page displays the available connections categorized as enabled or disabled as a status. You can have up to 3 enabled connections to the blob storage account at any time. The Data Connections overview page can also be used to manage connections by selecting any Connections’ ellipsis (…). Two actions comprising Edit and Delete can be taken on the connections.

Screenshot of Modify Data Connections