Set up mobile devices for Microsoft 365 for business users

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Follow the instructions in the tabs to install Microsoft 365 on an iPhone or an Android phone. After you follow these steps, your work files created in the apps will be protected by Microsoft 365 for business.

The example is for Outlook, but applies for any other apps you also want to install.

Set up mobile devices

Watch a short video on how to set up Microsoft 365 productivity apps on iOS devices with Microsoft 365 for business.

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Go to App store, and in the search field type in Microsoft Outlook.

Go to the iPhone App Store.

Tap the cloud icon to install Outlook.

Tap the cloud icon to install Outlook.

When the installation is done, tap the Open button to open Outlook and then tap Get Started.

Screenshot of Outlook with Get Started button.

Enter your work email address on the Add Email Account screen > Add Account, and then enter your Microsoft 365 for business credentials > Sign in.

Sign in to your work account.

If your organization is protecting files in apps, you'll see a dialog stating that your organization is now protecting the data in the app and you need to restart the app to continue to use it. Tap OK and close Outlook.

Screenshot that shows your organization is now protecting your Outlook app.

Locate Outlook on the iPhone, and restart it. When prompted, enter a PIN and verify it. Outlook on your iPhone is now ready to be used.

Set a PIN to access your organization's data.