The Web We Want initiative

The Web We Want initiative is a cross-browser, open initiative focused on identifying missing features and functionalities in the web platform for potential development as web standards or browser features.

If you build for the web, you inevitably run into problems. Perhaps there's no way to achieve an aspect of your design with CSS, or it may require an incredible amount of experimenting with CSS. Maybe there's a device feature you want to tap into using JavaScript, or there's a needed Developer Tools feature that can make your job easier.

The Web We Want initiative is the place to let browser vendors and standards groups know what you think is missing from the web platform. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Navigate to The Web We Want website and submit web platform or developer tools features.

  • View the list of submitted Wants to upvote existing Wants that you need, which helps us prioritize them.

  • Join in the discussions to provide feedback, link to resources, and otherwise help usher a Want into reality.

  • Stay in touch by following the initiative on Twitter or LinkedIn (direct link:; requires sign in) to keep up-to-date on what's in development, or to participate in surveys that help us prioritize submitted Wants.

Examples of Wants that have been delivered as features

We've successfully shipped a few Wants into DevTools, such as:

There are also other Wants that have previous proposals in standards groups. Join us in driving the future of the web forward with the Web We Want!