Model-driven sample apps

In Power Apps, use a sample app to explore design possibilities and discover concepts that you can apply as you develop your own apps. Each sample app uses fictitious data to showcase a real-world scenario.

Fundraiser Sample App.

Get sample apps

The availability of sample apps depends on how an environment database was provisioned.


In order to play or edit model-driven sample apps, the apps must first be provisioned in a Microsoft Dataverse database by an administrator that has the Environment Admin role.

To install the sample apps and data, create a trial environment and database, and then be sure to select Deploy sample apps and data.

Deploy sample apps and data setting when creating a Dataverse database

This option installs the sample apps and data into your database. Sample apps are for educational and demonstration purposes. We don't recommend installing sample apps in production databases. More information: Create an environment with a database

Sample apps available

After you provision an environment with a database that include sample apps, the following model-driven apps are available in the environment.

Asset Checkout

Asset Checkout provides self-service capabilities to reserve the tools and equipment your teams need to do their jobs, while accurately calculating available inventory and much more.

Asset checkout sample app.

Solution components included in this sample app

Display name Name Component type
Asset Checkout msdyn_AssetCheckout Model-driven app
Asset Checkout msdyn_AssetCheckout Site map
Asset Checkout App Image msdyn_AssetCheckoutApp Web resource
Product sample_product Table
Product Icon sample_product_icon Web resource
Reservation sample_reservation Table
Reservation Icon sample_reservation_icon Web resource
Review sample_review Table
Review Icon sample_review_icon Web resource
Set Rating Category based on Rating Set Rating Category based on Rating Process

Innovation Challenge

Start a companywide innovation challenge. Ideas are submitted, reviewed, voted on, and the best ideas get funded for new projects.

Innovation Challenge sample app.

Solution components included in this app

Display name Name Component type
Activate Challenge if Launch Challenge = Complete Activate Challenge if Launch Challenge = Complete Process
Challenge Management Process Challenge Management Process Process
Contact Contact Table
Idea to Project Business Process Idea to Project Business Process Process
Innovation Challenge Innovation Challenge Dashboard
Project Start < Project End Project Start < Project End Process
Challenge sample_challenge Table
Challenge 32x32 sample_Challenge32 Web resource
Challenge Management Process sample_challengemanagementprocess Table
Idea sample_idea Table
Idea sample_Idea Web resource
Idea32 sample_Idea32 Web resource
Innovation Challenge sample_InnovationHub Model-driven app
Innovation Hub sample_InnovationHub Web resource
Innovation Hub sample_InnovationHub Site map
Team Project sample_teamproject Table
Team Project sample_TeamProject Web resource
Team Project 32 sample_TeamProject32 Web resource
Set Status Reason = Closed Set Status Reason = Closed Process
User systemuser Table


Fundraiser provides employees the opportunity to donate time and money towards causes they're passionate about. Start a fundraiser for your favorite cause, set goals, and track performance towards goals.

Fundrasier sample app.

Solution components included in this app

Display name Name Component type
Fundraiser Donations Fundraiser Donations Interactive Dashboard
Donation sample_donation Table
Donation Icon sample_DonationIcon Web resource
Donations Icon sample_DonationsIcon Web resource
Fundraiser sample_fundraiser Table
Fundraiser sample_Fundraiser Site map
Fundraiser sample_Fundraiser Model-driven app
Fundraiser App Icon sample_FundraiserApp Web resource
Fundraiser Icon sample_FundraiserIcon Web resource

Customize a sample app

  1. Sign in to

  2. Select + Create from the left navigation pane, select the sample app, and then select Create.

Create a model-driven sample app
  1. The App designer will open providing multiple options for customizing the app.

  2. For additional customization options, select Advanced from the left navigation pane.

Remove sample apps and data

  • Deleting a sample app requires deleting the corresponding managed solution.
  • Deleting the solution also deletes any sample data specific to the custom tables for the app.
  • If customizations were made to the sample app, there may be dependencies, which must be removed before deleting the solution.

Delete a solution

To delete a solution, follow the steps in this topic: Delete a model-driven app

Install or uninstall Sample Data

To remove sample data, follow the steps in this topic: Add or remove sample data

Next Steps

Learn about the model-driven app design tools

Building a simple model-driven app is a great way to start. You may wish to Create a solution before you do so.

If you are new to Power Apps, and want to learn about how to convert your ideas into a fully working solution using Power Apps, start with Planning a Power Apps project.

Understand model-driven app components will help you to understand some of the elements that make up a model-driven app.