About the admin portal

The admin portal includes settings that govern Power BI for all users in your organization. For example, you can view usage metrics, access the Microsoft 365 admin center, and control how users interact with Power BI.

The full admin portal can be accessed by global admins and users who have the Power BI administrator role. If you're not in one of these roles, you only see Capacity settings in the portal. For more information about the Power BI service administrator role, see Understanding the Power BI admin role.

What can I do in the admin portal

The many controls in the admin portal are listed in the table below with links to relevant documentation for each one.

Feature Description
Tenant settings Enable, disable, and configure Power BI.
Usage metrics View metrics about Power BI usage in your organization.
Users Manage users in the Microsoft 365 admin center.
Premium Per User Configure auto refresh and dataset workload settings.
Audit logs Audit Power BI activities in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.
Capacity settings Manage any Power BI Premium capacities (EM or P SKU) that have been purchased for your organization
Refresh summary Schedule refresh on a capacity and also view the details of refreshes that have occurred.
Embed codes View and manage the embed codes that have been generated for your organization to share reports publicly.
Organizational visuals View, add, and manage which type of Power BI visuals users can access across the organization.
Azure connections Configure and manage connections to Azure resources.
Workspaces View and manage the workspaces that exist in your organization.
Custom branding Change the look and feel of the Power BI service to match your organization's own branding.
Protection metrics View a metric to monitor and track sensitivity label usage and adoption in your organization.
Featured content Manage all the reports, dashboards, and apps that have been promoted to the Featured section on Power BI Home across your organization.

How to get to the admin portal

You must be a global admin or Power BI service admin to access the Power BI admin portal. For more information about the Power BI service administrator role, see Understanding the Power BI admin role. To get to the Power BI admin portal, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Power BI using your admin account credentials.

  2. From the page header, select ... > Settings > Admin portal.

    Settings menu with admin portal selected.

Next steps