Manage embed codes

As an administrator, you can view the embed codes that are generated for sharing reports publicly, using the Publish to web from Power BI feature. You can also disable or delete embed codes.

Screenshot that shows the embed codes within the Power BI admin portal.

Access the Power BI admin portal settings

You have to be a global admin or Fabric administrator to access the Power BI admin portal. For more information about the Fabric administrator role, see Understanding Power BI administration roles. To get to the Power BI admin portal, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Power BI by using your admin account credentials.

  2. From the page header, select ... > Settings > Admin portal.

    Settings menu with admin portal selected.

Disable embed codes

You can disable the Publish to web feature, or allow embed codes to work only in your organization. If you disable Publish to web, the existing embed codes aren't deleted. When you reenable Publish to web, the existing embed codes will become active again.

Disabling the embed codes is described in Publish to web.

Delete embed codes

To delete embed codes, select the codes you want to delete and then select Delete.

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