Improvements to the flow sharing experience


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Mar 2023 - -

Business value

We've improved how you can share flows with others, so it'll be easier for your team members to use flows that you build. In 2022 release wave 2, you'll be able to send your flows in a Teams message or using a shareable link.

Feature details

We've added more capabilities to improve how you can share flows with others. For example, this feature allows you to send someone a flow using a shareable link, or you can share flows by sending them in a Teams message to a person, group, or channel. Also, you can include a personalized message to the person/group with whom you're sharing a flow. In this message, you can specify why you're sharing the flow, what it does, if you want them to collaborate with you or take any action on it, and so on.