Use SharePoint Connector in Power Automate for desktop


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Business value

The new SharePoint actions in Power Automate for desktop increase the speed and ease of use of desktop automations.

Feature details

The SharePoint Connector is the first cloud connector coming to desktop flows. It brings the power of the cloud right inside desktop automations.

With the SharePoint Connector in Power Automate for desktop, you can combine actions from both desktop (for example, extract data from web page) and the SharePoint Connector (for example, update a SharePoint list), all within a single desktop flow.

You get improved performance when looping between a desktop action (for example, reading from an SAP GUI or an Excel file from the local drive) and a SharePoint action (for example, uploading a file to SharePoint) compared to having them in separate cloud flows and desktop flows.

The SharePoint Connector is more discoverable for users who start their automation journey in Power Automate for desktop.

Screenshot of SharePoint actions in the action list within Power Automate for desktop.

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