Microsoft Architect Insight Conference 2009
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Understand how to view today’s market as an opportunity

The fourth annual Microsoft Architect Insight Conference was again a real success.

The format of the Architect Insight Conference in 2009 changed this year, to reflect the challenging business environment that many companies are experiencing, whilst still focusing on arming IT Architects with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.

The key themes running through the event were:

  • Enterprise Architecture: focusing on cost reduction, improved agility and responsiveness to the business.
  • Solution Architecture: focusing on the changing architecture of the client, from thick to thin to rich to smart.
  • Infrastructure Architecture: focusing on the infrastructure tools and technologies of the server and data centre.


As well as compelling speaker presentations from companies such as Easy Jet, Astra Zeneca and Equinti the conference provided delegates with a number of opportunities during the conference to get up close and personal with Microsoft and its partners in the form of round table sessions.

You can now access the content from the event or view the recordings of the key note speakers .

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