#CoffeeConnections with Dominic Rodney and Alex Gibson

Join Dona and Sarah in this episode of Less Code, More Power where they talk to Dominic Rodney (BDO, UK) and Alex Gibson (Foundation-SP Consulting, UK) . Using components of the Power Platform, Dominic and Ross have build an internal app called Coffee Connection that expands the collaboration and communication within the company, allowing for for junior staff to request meetings for coffee and have informal discussions such as career planning, work through client scenarios and learning about the company! Check out this episode to see the app in action!

Call To Action – As Alex shared, and considering companies' current hybrid work/increased desire to work remotely, think about your current work environment and what new opportunities have arisen. Take this thought and build a simple proof of concept that addresses the opportunity through a low code/no code solution. To learn more about Power Apps and Power Platform consider these learning resources:

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