Understand natural language processing


Natural language processing (NLP) is the area of AI that deals with creating software that understands written and spoken language.

NLP enables you to create software that can:

  • Analyze and interpret text in documents, email messages, and other sources.
  • Interpret spoken language, and synthesize speech responses.
  • Automatically translate spoken or written phrases between languages.
  • Interpret commands and determine appropriate actions.

For example, Starship Commander is a virtual reality (VR) game from Human Interact that takes place in a science fiction world. The game uses natural language processing to enable players to control the narrative and interact with in-game characters and starship systems.

Watch the following video to learn more.

Natural language processing in Microsoft Azure

You can use Microsoft's Azure AI Language to build natural language processing solutions. Some features of Azure AI Language include understanding and analyzing text, training conversational language models that can understand spoken or text-based commands, and building intelligent applications.

Microsoft's Azure AI Speech is another service that can be used to build natural language processing solutions. Azure AI Speech features include speech recognition and synthesis, real-time translations, conversation transcriptions, and more.

You can explore Azure AI Language features in the Azure Language Studio and Azure AI Speech features in the Azure Speech Studio. The service features are available for use and testing in the studios and other programming languages.