Microsoft Dataverse has a rich set of administrative options that you can use to create new instances of a database or tailor access and features that are available for users of each Dataverse database instance. Several administrative portals are available for you to use to administer Microsoft Dataverse settings.

The Microsoft Power Platform admin center is discussed in this unit because it will satisfy most of your administrative needs. However, a few other administrative options are available, which are covered in the Manage permissions and administration for Microsoft Dataverse learning path.

Microsoft Power Platform admin center

Most of the administration settings that you will need are available in the Microsoft Power Platform admin center. You should always check for administration settings as your first step when looking to administer Microsoft Dataverse.

Settings are grouped into the following broad categories and are accessible by selecting the link on the left-hand side of the portal, as shown in the following figure.

  • Environments - This section lists all instances of Microsoft Dataverse.

  • Data policies - This section lets you set up policies to restrict which data connectors can be used with Microsoft Dataverse to limit what data can flow into or out of Microsoft Dataverse tables.

  • Data integration - This section lets you create or add pre-defined connections and monitor these connections between Microsoft Dataverse and other data stores like Salesforce or SQL Server.

Environment Listing

Take a few moments to explore the options by going to the admin center and opening each section on the left-hand side of the portal:

  1. Go to Power Apps and sign in.

  2. Select Admin center under the gear, as shown.


    You can go directly to the Microsoft Power Platform admin center at and then sign in.

    Gear menu admin center selection

  3. Use the left navigation pane to explore options for administering in the Microsoft Power Platform admin center.

    Admin menu options in Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform admin center lets you manage the tasks of setting up users, permissions, and many other important features and capabilities of Microsoft Dataverse.