Learn how Microsoft supports data discovery, classification, and protection as part of a cybersecurity solution

Security Operations Analyst
Security Engineer
Microsoft 365

Know your data, protect your data, and don't lose your data. These are the basic tenets of good information protection - data discovery, classification, and protection.

This learning path provides an overview of the Microsoft data protection capabilities and how to use them to protect and govern data as part of a cybersecurity solution.

The deadline for the heads of federal civilian agencies to evaluate and classify agency data and provide to DHS and OMB a report of their evaluation, per Section 8 of the Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity, is August 24, 2021.



Modules in this learning path

Learn how Microsoft 365 information protection and data lifecycle management solutions help you protect and govern your data, throughout its lifecycle – wherever it lives, or wherever it travels.

Learn how to discover, classify, and protect sensitive and business-critical content throughout its lifecycle across your organization.

Learn how to manage your content lifecycle using solutions to import, store, and classify business-critical data so you can keep what you need and delete what you don't.

Learners should know and be able to describe data classification and data protection key concepts.

Learn how to set up policies to classify, retain, and protect your cloud-based data.

Learn how to connect apps to Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and deploy Conditional App Access Control.