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  • Data Scientist

    You're skilled in tech and social sciences, using your expertise to experiment and develop solutions to complex business needs using big data.

  • Developer

    You design, build, and test the software and systems that make technology work, from commercial apps to enterprise cloud solutions.​

  • Cloud Administrator

    You're in charge of implementing, managing, and monitoring your company’s cloud environments and solutions​

  • Data Analyst

    You make data easy to understand through designing and building data models to drive meaningful business value.​

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Free skill-building resources

Explore all student learning paths and modules

How to jumpstart your career

  • 1. How to get noticed

    This module offers Learn helpful tips and strategies to get noticed by prospective employers and landing a job in tech.

  • 2. Successful interviewing

    Learn how to prepare for technical and nontechnical interviews. You'll also get recommendations on how to best carry out an interview.​

  • 3. From intern to full-time position

    Learn strategies to growth-hack your career to ensure that you'll get an offer to join the company full-time after the internship is over.​

  • 4. Microsoft Learn Career Connected

    Let us help you get the skills you need, meet the employers that are hiring through our LinkedIn private group, and get the job you want.​

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More free resources

  • The Codespaces primer will guide you through the process of running, testing, debugging, and pushing code with this instant cloud developer environment by providing templates, videos, and step-by-step guides.

  • Build technical skills and prove your commitment to learning the latest technologies when you earn Microsoft Certifications, which are free to all eligible students!

  • Popular among students, this code editor has been redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications.

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  • Register now to collaborate, code, and compete in this global student technology competition that encourages students to make a difference in the world through tech.

  • Amplify your impact and bring together your peers to learn new skills, solve real-world problems, and build communities across the globe.

  • Whether you’re building your career or your next amazing idea, connect with the developers and startups that share your goals. Learn new skills, meet new peers, and find career mentorship.

  • A digital platform that provides all founders, at any stage, with free resources to build a successful startup. Sign up today to get Azure credits, access to mentors and experts, dev tools, software and more. Open to all.