Admin guide for personal insights


This article mentions the dashboard, which will be retired soon. Users will still find personal insights content and settings in their Viva Insights app in Teams or on the web. Read more about this change.

As an administrator, you benefit from knowing what Microsoft Viva Insights provides to its participants and what you can do to enable and enhance their experience.

Benefits of use

Viva Insights can help participants strengthen their work relationships, have more time to focus on important work, and improve their work-life balance. Viva Insights does this by showing users insights about their work habits. It derives these insights from Microsoft 365 data about emails, meetings, calls, and chats. For more information, see Why use Viva Insights.

You and your users are in charge

Data privacy

None of a user's personal information is shared with their co-workers or managers. Viva Insights adheres to compliance regulations, such as the GDPR. Also see the Privacy guide for admins.

Granting access

Soon after you assign licenses with a Microsoft Viva Insights service plan to users, they'll get access to personal insights elements, such as Viva Insights in Teams, Viva Insights Home page, the Dashboard, digest emails, inline suggestions in Outlook, the Viva Insights Outlook add-in, and a Viva Insights welcome message.

Access to these elements depends on the plan in place at your organization. For details, see Access to Viva Insights elements.

Introduction to Viva Insights

See Introduction to Microsoft Viva Insights to learn about Microsoft Viva Insights.