Complementary features to Custom Logon

You may want to use or change some of the following features in conjunction with Custom Logon to complete the user experience.


We recommend that you remove the power button from the Welcome screen and block the physical power button so that a user cannot turn off the device when using assigned access or Shell Launcher.

Go to Power Options > Choose what the power button does, change the setting to Do nothing, and then Save changes.

Remove buttons from Welcome screen

To remove buttons from the Welcome screen, set the appropriate value for BrandingNeutral in the following registry key:

HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows Embedded\\EmbeddedLogon

The following table shows the possible values. To disable multiple Welcome screen UI elements, combine these values using bitwise exclusive-or logic.

Action Registry value
Disable all Welcome screen UI elements static const DWORD EMBEDDED_DISABLE_LOGON_ANCHOR_ALL = 0x1
Disable the Power button static const DWORD EMBEDDED_DISABLE_LOGON_ANCHOR_SHUTDOWN = 0x2
Disable the Language button static const DWORD EMBEDDED_DISABLE_LOGON_ANCHOR_LANGUAGE = 0x4
Disable the Ease of Access button static const DWORD EMBEDDED_DISABLE_LOGON_ANCHOR_EASEOFACCESS = 0x8
Disable the Switch user button static const DWORD EMBEDDED_DISABLE_BACK_BUTTON = 0x10
Disable the Blocked Shutdown Resolver (BSDR) screen so that restarting or shutting down the system causes the OS to immediately force close any open applications that are blocking system shut down. No UI is displayed, and users are not given a chance to cancel the shutdown process static const DWORD EMBEDDED_DISABLE_BSDR= 0x20

In the following image of the [ctrl + alt + del] screen, you can see the Switch user button highlighted by a light green outline, the Language button highlighted by an orange outline, the Ease of Access button highlighted by a red outline, and the power button highlighted by a yellow outline. If you disable these buttons, they are hidden from the UI.

custom logon screen

You can remove the Wireless UI option from the Welcome screen by using Group Policy.

Remove Wireless UI from Welcome screen

You use the following steps to remove Wireless UI from the Welcome screen

  1. From a command prompt, run gpedit.msc to open the Local Group Policy Editor.
  2. In the Local Group Policy Editor, under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand System, and then tap or click Logon.
  3. Double-tap or click Do not display network selection UI.