Integrate SIM data in the Remote Monitoring solution

IoT devices often connect to the cloud using a SIM card that allows them to send data streams from anywhere. The Azure IoT Remote Monitoring solution allows the integration of IoT Managed Connectivity data, so that operators can also track the health of the device through the data provided by the IoT SIM.

Remote Monitoring provides out of the box integration with Telefónica IoT Connectivity, allowing customers using its IoT Connectivity Platform synchronize their device SIMs connectivity data to their solutions. This solution can be extended to support other IoT Connectivity providers through GitHub repository.

In this tutorial, you learn how to:

  • Integrate Telefónica IoT SIM data into the Remote Monitoring solution
  • View real-time telemetry
  • View SIM data

Telefónica IoT integration setup


This additional Remote Monitoring feature is currently in preview. To sync your connectivity data into Azure Remote Monitoring Solution, follow these steps:

  1. Fill a request at Telefónica's site, select the option Azure Remote Monitoring, including your contact data.
  2. Telefónica activates your account.
  3. If you are not a Telefónica client yet and you want to enjoy this or other IoT Connectivity Cloud Ready services, visit Telefónica's site and select the option Connectivity.

Telefónica SIM setup

Telefónica SIM & Azure Twin device ID association is based on Telefónica IoT SIM "alias" property.

Navigate to Telefónica IoT Connectivity Platform Portal > SIM Inventory > Select your SIM, and update each SIM "alias" with your desired Twin deviceID. This task can also be done in bulk mode (refer to Telefónica IoT Connectivity Platform user manuals).

This task can also be done in bulk mode (refer to Telefónica IoT Connectivity Platform user manuals)

Telefónica Update

To connect your device to the Remote Monitoring, you can follow these tutorials using C or Node.

View device telemetry and SIM Properties

Once your Telefónica account is properly configured and your device is connected, you can view device details and SIM data.

The following connectivity parameters are published:

  • IP
  • Network presence
  • SIM Status
  • Network-based location
  • Consumed data traffic

Screenshot of the Device Explorer window in the Azure IoT Remote Monitoring dashboard. A row showing WeatherStation device details is highlighted.

Next steps

Now that you have an overview of how to integrate SIM Data into Azure IoT Remote Monitoring, here are suggested next steps for solutions accelerators: