Disaster recovery for Azure Data Share

This article explains how to configure a disaster recovery environment for Azure Data Share. Azure data center outages are rare, but can last anywhere from a few minutes to hours. Data Center outages can cause disruption to environments that are relying on data being shared by the data provider. By following the steps detailed in this article, data providers can continue to share data with their data consumers in the event of a data center outage for the primary region hosting your data share.

Achieving business continuity for Azure Data Share

To be prepared for a data center outage, the data provider can have a data share environment provisioned in a secondary region. Measures can be taken to ensure a smooth failover in the event that a data center outage does occur.

Data providers can provision secondary Azure Data Share resources in an additional region. These Data Share resources can be configured to include shares and datasets that exist in the primary Azure Data Share resource. They can invite data consumers to the secondary shares when configuring the DR environment or at a later time (i.e as part of manual failover steps).

If the data consumers have active share subscriptions in a secondary environment provisioned for DR purposes, they can enable snapshot schedule as part of failover. If the data consumers do not want to subscribe to a secondary region for DR purposes, they can be invited into the secondary share at a later time.

Data consumers can either have an active share subscription that is idle for DR purposes, or data providers can invite them at a later time as part of manual failover procedures.

Next steps

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