Audit Trails

While working in the portal, the editor can make changes in several ways. The audit trails screen will present the audit logs of those changes, allowing better analysis of the recent work.

Tracked sections

There are 7 sections in which portal users can apply changes that will be logged:

  • Scenarios: The possible actions are: Creating, Modifying, Deleting, Activating, Deactivating and Importing a scenario. every time one of those action occurred.
  • Configuration: Every change to configuration (including changes in the Data Providers tab).
  • Users: Every time a user is being added or removed.
  • Channels: Every time a channel is being created or deleted.
  • Localization: Every time a system or custom string is being modified.
  • Backup: Every time a backup or restore actions are triggered.
  • Skills: The possible actions are: Exposing or Modifying.

Log data

Every row that represents a change, has a data field such that:

  • For scenario the data will include the scenario name & trigger

    { "scenarioName": "name", "scenarioTrigger": "trigger"}
  • For user creation or deletion the data will include the user email & role number (1 for reader, 2 for editor and 3 for admin)

    { "username": "", "userrole": "2"}
  • For configuration change, the data will include the list of keys that were changes.

    [ "conversation.greeting_trigger", "conversation.greeting_reply"]


To filter the list by the section of the change, you can use the top left type selector:

You can also filter the list by one of four date ranges available (default date range is "Last Week"):

Finally, there is also an option to filter the list using free text search. This search will return a row if at least one of its columns contains the searched string