Teams bot for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (preview)

Connect with Microsoft Teams to let a bot look up unified customer profiles in Teams channels.

Teams bot showing a customer record


  • At least one data source added.
  • The unification process is complete.
  • Fields are added to the search & filter index.
  • Customer Insights and Teams are in the same organization.
  • Your environment has the primary target audience set to individual customers. Business accounts aren't supported.

Configure the bot

  1. Go to Settings > Connections.
  2. On the Microsoft Teams tile, select Set up.
  3. You're redirected to the Apps area in Teams. You can also open Teams and select Apps in the bottom-left corner or get it from AppSource directly.
  4. Search for Customer Insights and select the app.
  5. Select Add.
  6. Sign in to Customer Insights in Teams. A welcome message displays.

Things you can do with the bot

The bot provides lookup capabilities for unified customer profiles.

  • Enter search followed by a name, email address, or any other field on the unified customer profile that is added to the search & filter index.

    You'll get a card with up to 15 fields from the resulting customer profile. Multiple matches return a list of results where you can select a profile. To look up an exact match, add the search term in double quotes.

  • If your organization maintains multiple Customer Insights environments in the same organization, enter switchinstance to choose which environment you want to connect the bot to.

  • Enter help to see a list of available commands for the bot.