Developer Learning Catalog

Do you need to write code to integrate with other data sources, extend core system functionality, or build a complex application?

The following catalog is organized from core knowledge to specific domains, and from most basic to most advanced. If content exists in multiple formats, we'll let you know, so that you can choose the training format that best meets your needs.


Content Description Format Length
Extending the Microsoft Dataverse Create client scripting, perform common actions with client script, and automate business process flow with client script is covered in this learning path. Learn about what client script can do, rules, and maintaining scripts. Discover when to use client script as well as when not to use client script. Free, self-paced online learning path 4 hours
Extending the Microsoft Power Platform user experience in Model Driven apps Getting started with extending the Microsoft Dataverse can be overwhelming. This learning path looks at the tools and resources needed for extending the Microsoft Power Platform. We'll start with looking at the SDKs, the extensibility model, and event framework. This learning path also covers when to use plug-ins. Configuration of plug-ins as well as registering and deploying plug-ins. Free, self-paced online learning path 2 hours 3 minutes