Known issue #178 - Multi-role row-level security for composite models may fail

In some cases, multi-role row-level security (RLS) for composite models may fail and result in an error. The error occurs because an incorrect response is given when trying to view the data from the composite model.

APPLIES TO: ✔️ Row-level security (RLS)

Status: Reactivated: July 25, 2022

Problem area: Consume and View


If you face this issue, you will see an error similar to:

The user belongs to multiple roles 'role name' that have security filters, which isn't supported when one of the roles has filters affecting table 'table name' with SecurityFilteringBehavior=Both relationships.

Solutions and workarounds

In some cases, you may be able to combine RLS roles to circumvent this error. But in most cases, there is no workaround at this time. When the fix is released, this article will be updated.

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