Known issue # 214 - Excel Desktop crashes when opening data model that was refreshed by Power BI Service

You can create an Excel workbook that contains a PowerPivot data model and store it in either OneDrive Business or SharePoint. You can then schedule and run a successful refresh through the Power BI Service. If you then try to open the Excel workbook in Excel Desktop, the workbook won't open, resulting in either a crash or error message.

APPLIES TO: ✔️ Power BI Service ✔️ Excel Integration

Status: Fixed: July 25, 2022

Problem area: Consume and View


When opening an Excel workbook that contains a data model that was refreshed by the Power BI Service, the Excel workbook will either:

  • Crash and close Excel Desktop without an error message
  • Show an error message similar to "Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted."

Solutions and workarounds

As a workaround, use Excel Online or Excel for the web to view the workbook.

Next steps