Answer questions on Microsoft Q&A

This article provides links to Microsoft Q&A guidance that applies to contributors who answer questions on the Microsoft Q&A platform. Select a topic below, or browse the full Microsoft Q&A support guide.

Article Description
Answer questions Learn how to find and answer questions on the Microsoft Q&A platform.
Write a quality answer Learn what makes a good answer and how to write one.
Add attachments Learn how to add attachments to complement your answers or comments.
Add comments Learn how to add brief messages to clarify a question, answer or comment or add more information.
Accept an answer Learn how to accept an answer to your question as the question author.
Answer your own questions Learn how and when to answer your own questions.
Search for questions Learn how to search for questions with Microsoft Q&A if you're looking for specific topics to answer.
Filter and sort content Learn how to filter and sort content on Microsoft Q&A, including filtering for unanswered questions.
Report content for moderation Learn how to report a question, answer, or comment for moderation if you feel it doesn't follow our Code of Conduct.