Office 365 Audio Conferencing Extended Dial-out Minutes to US and Canada

For customers who are adopting our Audio Conferencing service and have a high business need for dialing out to US and Canada, Microsoft now provides an add-on offer that allows virtually unlimited with fair use policy US and Canada dial-out minutes for any audio conferencing user. Meeting organizers with this add-on SKU can make virtually unlimited with fair use policy dial-out calls to US and Canada without deducting their tenant’s Zone A country dial-out usage pool or Communications Credits. 1

Offer Name Unlimited dial-out minutes to US Canada
What are the unlimited dial-out countries included in the offer? US and Canada.
Who needs to have the license assigned? The meeting organizer needs to have the license assigned. The user initializing the call doesn’t need to have the license.
Are there any prerequisites? Audio Conferencing needs to be enabled. It can be either subscription or per-minute service.
Who can purchase this offer? Any country or region where Audio Conferencing can be purchased. Read more.
Are the minutes pooled? No. A meeting organizer will have virtually unlimited with fair use policy dial-out minutes to US/Canada per month.
Will this new add-on SKU replace the 60 minutes included with Audio Conferencing? No. The existing Audio Conferencing 60 minutes per user per month, pooled at the tenant level, will continue to apply to all Zone A dial-out conferencing countries.
What is the channel availability? It is available on EA/EAS, EES, CSP, and Web Direct.
What is the segment availability? It is available for Commercial (including WW Commercial Public Sectors), Education, Nonprofit, and US GCC
What if a user with Extended Dial-out Minutes to USA/CAN is located in the US and travels to another country outside of an Audio-Conferencing sell-to market? Will their dial-out service work? Yes. If a user based in the US (meaning their Office 365 license is assigned in the US) traveled to Zimbabwe (a market currently not in a sell-to location for Audio Conferencing), all dial-out minutes made to the US or Canada would continue to apply to their Extended Dial-out Minutes to USA/CAN add-on regardless of where the call takes place.

1 Microsoft reserves the right to limit or terminate use of the capability in the event of abnormal usage or suspicion of use for fraudulent purposes.