Prepare your service for upgrading to Teams

Upgrade journey diagram, emphasizing the Technical Readiness stage.

This article is part of the Technical Readiness stage of your upgrade journey, an activity you complete in parallel with the User Readiness stage. Before proceeding, confirm that you've completed these activities from previous stages:

This article gives an overview of the requirements for preparing your organization for collaboration and cloud voice services with Teams. By preparing properly, you can be sure you're ready to provide these capabilities to your organization.

Onboarding checklists and landing pages for Microsoft Teams rollout

The following checklists and landing pages walk you through the steps for deploying Microsoft Teams in your organization:

The tasks and activities in these checklists are the core "to-do" items that apply to every deployment of collaboration and voice capabilities with Teams. You can customize the checklists to include the activities and tasks that are specific to your own Teams journey.

Use the provided checklists to track the status of each individual activity and task, and to be sure you haven't skipped any critical steps. Each activity includes a detailed description of required actions and references to additional information that you can use to complete that activity.

Although we recommend that you follow the checklists in order, the exact sequence will depend on the scope of your deployment and the configuration and complexity of your environment. They're organized to support either a "greenfield" Teams deployment (one with no previous Skype for Business Online presence) or upgrading from Skype for Business Online to Teams. If you're upgrading from Skype for Business Online, you might have already completed some of these activities and can ignore them now.


Most of the configuration settings are common between Teams and Skype for Business Online. You use the Microsoft Teams admin center to configure those settings.

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Decision point
  • Who will be responsible for overseeing the completion of the onboarding checklists?
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Next steps
  • Download the onboarding checklists.
  • Work through the onboarding checklist items step-by-step in accordance with your organization's deployment plan.

Continue onboarding

After you complete this checklist, proceed to the next step: Conduct a user pilot