Test Lab Guide: Configure intranet and team sites for SharePoint Server 2013

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This document explains how to set up multiple web applications, site collections, subsites, and pages for intranet departments and teams.

This document contains instructions for the following:

  1. Setting up the SharePoint Server 2013 three-tier farm test lab.

  2. Configure the intranet and team sites on APP1.

  3. Verify the intranet and team sites.

Watch the configure intranet and team sites with SharePoint Server 2013 test lab guide overview video

For eBook versions of this TLG (including DOCX, EPUB, MOBI, and PDF), see Test Lab Guide: eBook for SharePoint Server 2013 Intranet and Team Sites.

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Test Lab Guide: Configure Intranet and Team Sites with SharePoint Server 2013

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