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The first step in any upgrade process is to learn about the process itself so that you can plan and prepare appropriately. These articles help you understand how the process of upgrading from SharePoint 2010 Products to SharePoint 2013 works. These articles also include overviews of how to upgrade service applications.

The following downloadable resources, articles, video recordings, and related resources provide information about understanding upgrade for SharePoint 2013.

Downloadable resources about upgrade to SharePoint 2013

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Content Description
SharePoint 2013 Products Preview - Upgrade Process model
Describes the steps in the process for a database attach upgrade

Articles about understanding upgrade

Content Description
What's new in SharePoint 2013 upgrade
Find out about new requirements, approaches, and features that are available for upgrading to SharePoint 2013.
Overview of the upgrade process from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013
Get a visual overview of the steps involved in performing an upgrade.
Upgrade overview videos for SharePoint 2013
View this series of short overview videos to understand how upgrade works for SharePoint 2013.
Services upgrade overview from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Server 2013
SharePoint 2010 Products included several service applications, some of which have databases that can be upgraded when you upgrade to SharePoint 2013. Find out which service application databases can be upgraded and what steps that you must take before, during, and after upgrade for your service applications.
Upgrade farms that share services (parent and child farms) to SharePoint 2013
In SharePoint Server 2010, it was possible to configure parent farms and child farms to share services. In such an environment, the parent farm hosts one or more service applications from which one or more child farms consume services. Learn how to approach upgrading these environments to SharePoint 2013.
Best practices for upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013
Get off to the right start - review these best practices for testing and performing an upgrade to SharePoint 2013.
Review supported editions and products for upgrading to SharePoint 2013
Understand the requirements for upgrade. And if you are planning to change SKUs or products during upgrade, understand which upgrade paths are supported.

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