Blocked user licenses for hosting Skype Meeting Broadcast


Skype for Business Online operated by 21Vianet in China will be retired on October 1, 2023. If you haven't upgraded your Skype for Business Online users yet, they will be automatically scheduled for an assisted upgrade. If you want to upgrade your organization to Teams yourself, we strongly recommend that you begin planning your upgrade path today. Remember that a successful upgrade aligns technical and user readiness, so be sure to leverage our upgrade guidance as you navigate your journey to Teams.

Skype for Business Online, excluding the service operated by 21Vianet in China, was retired on July 31, 2021.


Skype for Business Online is retiring on July 31, 2021, at which time access to the service will end. We encourage customers to begin the upgrade to Microsoft Teams, the core client for communications and teamwork in Microsoft 365.

Unfortunately, there are certain user licenses that are blocked when users go to and want to host a Skype Meeting Broadcast. If a user sees this message, they have one of the blocked licenses assigned to them. If you still want them to use it, assign them another Office 365 license.

"Your company policy doesn't allow you to use Skype Meeting Broadcast. Check with your system admin to make sure the service is enabled and that you have the correct license."

Blocked user licenses

Hosting Skype Meeting Broadcast events will be blocked if any of the following user licenses are assigned to a user. Attendees who are streaming broadcast events do not require any user licenses.

  • Office 365 Education Fac/Staff

  • Office 365 Education Student

  • Office 365 Education Plus Fac/Staff

  • Office 365 Education Plus Student

  • Office 365 Education E1 Fac/Staff

  • Office 365 Education E1 Student

  • Office 365 Education E3 Fac/Staff

  • Office 365 Education E3 Fac/Staff Large

  • Office 365 Education E3 Student

  • Office 365 A1 student use benefit

  • Microsoft 365 A1 student use benefits

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