Bulk API

The Bulk service defines an Application Programming Interface (API) that you can use to download and upload campaign entity data in the background.


AutoApplyRecommendations in Bulk API is deprecated as of November 30, 2022. We will be removing AutoApplyRecommendations from Account in Bulk File Schema.

We strongly encourage you to use the new Auto-apply Management interface in Ad Insight API.

Interface Description
Guides Lists guides for the Bulk API.
Bulk Service Operations Service operations such as DownloadCampaignsByAccountIds and GetBulkUploadUrl can be used to download and upload campaign entity data in the background.
Bulk Data Objects If want to download specific campaigns, you can use the CampaignScope object.
Bulk Value Sets Choose which data is downloaded with the DataScope and DownloadEntity value sets.
Bulk File Schema The bulk schema defines the contents of the file for download or upload with the Bulk API. For both download and upload, the Bulk service supports the file types and corresponding schemas in the DownloadEntity value set. For more information about using the Bulk service to manage your campaigns, see Bulk Download and Upload.

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