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Q&A is just terrible compared to the old Technet forums

Q&A is just terrible compared to the old Technet forums
It's just terrible opposed to the old Technet forums.

Like how the tag-system just does not work well. It's very cumbersome to get to a specific forum. In the past, you could narrow down, ie from Windows Server to Server 2019 and then File Services for example. Now there's one giant dump of tags, and all topics mingle through each other.
It's also to be seen in the number of responses that are made to posts. It's way less active than Technet was.

Like how searching for tags needs to be rather specific. Even if you go to the Tags tab, when you search, it also responds with posts rather than just tags. That means if you want to search for the 'windows-server-2019' tag, you'll have to be specific. Searching for just 2019 comes back with tons of posts with '2019' in them, but NOT the tag I want. The quickest way now is to show all tags and use ctrl-f in your browser to search for 2019 until you find the one you need. Unfortunately there is already 5 pages of tags, and more will follow. Now that's not what I call a productivity improvement.

Like how by default most replies seem to be tagged (if you will) as answer. So in the overview you see a lot of answers (in green) while in fact there is no definitive accepted answer at all. Again, it makes using Q&A very cumbersome and unpleasant.

Like the fact you can add multiple tags to a single post. That means that already this Q&A thing is a mess. In the past you'd be in one forum and view or search posts for the product you are looking for. Now it's just too generic. If people have a question about virtualizing, and they are running it on server 2019, they can tag both. Sure, sometimes it may help, but the 'real' Server 2019 questions get clogged. In the past I regularly tried to help out other people in the fields I have knowledge in, but this forum certainly doesn't attract me to do so. It's way to cumbersome. Just look at the qna-feedback tag, where only qna-feedback is supposed to go. At least 50% of it is question of all sorts of products. How on earth is this going to be manageable?

Like how email notification never worked for me so far. And it's not in spam either, notifications of new posts on threads I follow have just not been sent at all.

Like how regular everyday characters like & are translated so when you make a post called 'Q&A problems', in the thread lists or search results (if it shows up at all) it will show 'Q&A problems'. Or the word 'can't' shows up as 'Can't'. Wow. Just wow.

Like how the year is ommitted in timestamps. It's now october 2020. Posts from november 2019 are dated just 'november 20th' for example. Why on earth is the year not included anywhere in the timestamps. It's so basic and trivial, but after months or years nobody seems to care at MS.

Like how the number of answers / replies do not update in the activities view.

I'm sorry to be honest, but it's a shame what came of Q&A. What a trainwreck.

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@RobertGijsen , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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Thank you for this detailed feedback. I agree with your suggestions and these are in our roadmap to address. Thank you again!

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