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Improve mail notifications, #2

I would like to have an option to configure the subject line of mail notifications. Current the format is like this:

 [Microsoft Q&A] DavidChase-4918 posted a new comment on "Crazy sp spacing after saving"

I have set up a special address for Q&A and the mail goes to a specific folder. Thus I don't need the initial tag [Microsoft Q&A]. Nor do I have much need for "posted a new comment on". What I need to see is the alias for the poster and the thread for the topic. Right now, most of what I see in the subject line in my mailer is just noise. If it matters? Well, the other day I had over 80 messages from Q&A, because some of the threads I was following had quite some traffic.

Granted, this is not much of use for the person who ask a question or two occasionally, but for the people who answers a lot of question, this would be a tremendous improvement.

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@ErlandSommarskog I removed [Microsoft Q&A] from the header. If I remove the action, for example, "posted a new comment on", what should we add? I am happy to improve the subject line, but I am not sure removing the action would be right. Maybe we can remove the word "new"?

Please let me know your suggestions. Thank you!

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