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Editing a question

I've received Notifications about people editing a question. Sometimes it's the OP that has edited the question, other times it's someone else.

I have two points of feedback about this:

  1. I've taken a look at these questions after I receive a Notification and there is absolutely no indication that the original question has been edited. In my opinion, this is not good. Anyone who has participated in or is viewing that thread should at least have some indication that the question had been edited. Like the MSDN forums which shows who edited a question, when it was edited and for what reason they edited it. In my opinion, this is absolutely necessary!!

  2. Personally, I don't like the idea of people editing other people's questions, answers or comments. And how is that even possible? Do some people have Moderator status? I am a Moderator on the C# MSDN forum. It was my understanding that Moderator status would transfer over to these Q&A forums, but if so, I don't see any way I can edit anyone else's questions (not that I currently feel like I need to, but as a way of judging that I probably don't have Moderator status yet).

Thank you,
~~Bonnie DeWitt

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anonymous userDeWitt-QnA , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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anonymous userDeWitt-QnA you are right, we have moderators in the system and the poster can also edit their own threads. We removed the ability for others to see the previous versions as one of the main scenarios moderators edit content is to remove personal or private information from a user. So right now, to work around the issue, we have removed that right from all the users.

Thank you for being a moderator in MSDN. If you want to be a moderator in Microsoft Q&A, please reply to this and mention me. I will work with you to make you moderator. We cannot make MSDN/TechNet forum moderators in Microsoft Q&A because we don't have a mapping of the users in MSDN with those in Q&A. This is to ensure we comply with privacy rules. Thanks!

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Thanks @saldana-msft ... I don't know what my responsibilities would be as a Moderator, but I am interested in being a Moderator here.

The MSDN forums never had the ability for anyone to see the previous versions of edited content, as far as I know anyway. The way it worked there is that anytime something was edited, it was noted at the bottom of the content with who edited it and at what date/time. The person editing could also specify the reason that they edited the content (from a dropdown, if I recall ... and they could also add additional comments as part of the reason) and that would be displayed also.

I think this is important to provide this information when content has been edited and think that this functionality should be part of the editing process for Q&A.


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anonymous userDeWitt-QnA sorry it took me so long to come back to you. I just made you a moderator on the site. Note that being a moderator is a volunteer thing, so you can do as much or as a little as you want or feel comfortable with.

I have put some guidelines together explaining the things moderators can do, when to do them, and how to do them. They are here: Moderating in this site.

As you will see in the guidelines, we added a recommendation for moderators to explain what the change is when they make an edit on the content. If you have any questions or any feedback for improvement, please let me know.

Thank you!

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Thank you!! =0)

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