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This is just horrible

Azure isn't intuitive at all but that's just the beginning. This learning and certification platform isn't intuitive at all and it just doesn't seem to work. I was attending virtual training day for azure fundamentals and it was said that after 5 working days we'll be elligible for free certifications. I still can't register. There's no info on it. I'm trying to make my certification profile but it just doesn't seem to send any data and isn't saving anything. It just puts me at the beginning of the page after clicking on the continue button. Also the sandbox got blocked for me and I need to wait for it but if I wanted to pass my cerification I have no time for waiting days. Polish translation is horrible as well. I don't feel I'd recommend Azure services or MS certifications to anyone. It just doesn't make sense. What's more I can't even add tags here that would be suitable, because you guys have only some short drop-down list.

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