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Microsoft Teams camera position


I am enjoying the Microsoft Teams desktop app, but I have a proposition for you - could you make the frame with a video of myself moveable, so I can make eye contact with a person who I am talking to.
To explain the problem:
- People like eye contact when speaking, so it would be very convenient to move my own mirror frame to where the camera of my laptop is - not every laptop has it in the same spot. Because my Dell XPS has a camera in my bottom left corner, I have to look at myself in the bottom right and professor in the middle which is very odd and not natural. So I suggest you make frames position more configurable and interactive, so every user can set frames of each people where he likes.

Best regards,

Tadej Boncelj, a student from Slovenia

P.s. If you need any international help/you offer any international jobs I am very ambitious and interested!

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