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Please add more eye-catching topics under Windows

To help onboarding people from the deceased MSDN forums, and new users as well, could you add more easily recognizable tags under Windows category?

I'd like to add at least following:

  • Win32 API : Network and internet

  • Hardware and Driver development: USB (windows-hardware-usb) ; ARM64 platforms

- pa


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@PavelA , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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@AmyPeng1-MSFT can you please take a look at this request? Thanks!

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I just wanted to say the team is actively looking into this. Thanks.

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@PavelA, We are still evaluating the suggestion about Win32 API : Network and internet. Would you mind sharing which kind of APIs you are interested with?

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Hi @PavelA, the team has decided to not introduce a new tag for "Hardware and Driver development: USB (windows-hardware-usb) ; ARM64 platforms" just yet. Please use the Windows Hardware General tag for these questions. If there is more feedback regarding this, the team will look into creating additional tags to encompass those. thank you!

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