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OneDrive upload large file, please ask the Java example code

Declared fragment length does not match the provided number of bytes ;

I have this problem, how should I solve it

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The openspec-* tags are dedicated to supporting issues related to open specifications. You can find open specifications here
Since your question does not pertain to one of these specifications, I've removed the openspecs tag and added the office-onenote-client-itpro tag. Hopefully this will get your post the proper attention.

If I've misunderstood your question and you believe this is related to the Open Specifications documents, please clarify, providing the document name and section with which you have the question or issue.

Best Regards,

Mike Bowen
Escalation Engineer - Microsoft Open Specifications

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Also, this area is for feedback on Microsoft Q&A. You might want to post your question on the "Questions" section by clicking on the "Ask a question" button. That will get to the right experts. Thanks.

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