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Request to check oringal product from which country

Dear Microsoft team,

I have bought 10 units of Microsoft Surface Pro7 from local supplier and I would need your help to check with all these serial numbers, which country that have imported these products.

  1. S/N: 052411102953 from which country?

  2. S/N: 101190201753 from which country?

  3. S/N: 053483502953 from which country?

  4. S/N: 054985402953 from which country?

  5. S/N: 052410202953 from which country?

  6. S/N: 052490102953 from which country?

  7. S/N: 055096302953 from which country?

  8. S/N: 068227394453 from which country?

  9. S/N: 073178201953 from which country?

  10. S/N: 016279301453 from which country?

Thank you in advance for your kind support.

Best Regards,

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@HemMakara-9552 , thank you for the feedback. This area is for feedback on Microsoft Q&A feedback only. So we are closing this item.

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