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Add more reputation points for accepted answers and upvote

While learning is great and reputation points are valuable for users but the point given to accepted answers and upvotes are few and let say someone could complete few courses and reach to high level while someone who is actively answering questions will get few points and I believe pointing system needs an update to provides more points for active contribution in the forum.

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@Reza-Ameri , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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My opinion:
The amount of reputation points per answer and upvote of answers are ok for me. The challenge in my opinion is: A lot of people didn't use "accept as answer" or didn't vote for a helpful answer.
This could maybe for 2 reasons: People didn't know "why and how" or people just don't care because they got the answer they are looking for.
A third reason might be they forgot they asked in Q&A and didn't recognise the answer at all ;-)
Just my 2 cents.

Kind regards
Andreas Baumgarten

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Agreed in related to mark as answer, so if user didn't answer for a while , then the moderator should look into it.
In TechNet and MSDN forum there was an option where you could purpose as answer , may be would be nice to have that feature.
There might be option like send a email reminder to user to see whether that is the answer.

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We removed the option for moderators to mark the answers as accepted as we received a lot of complaints in the MSDN and TechNet forums that users were gaming the system. I understand that going to the other extreme and only allowing the original poster to mark the answer is not good either.

We indeed have to find a way to incentivize the users to mark the answers as accepted and we need to find a way to answers that meet a certain criteria as answered.


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We could have a monitoring and limitation like the following algorithm
1) Prevent moderators from mark new post as an answer for 10 days and let them mark it after 10 days
2) Each moderators would have a limit answering power like only 5 per days
3) They will be evaluated randomly and in case they are mark as answer correctly increase it like 10 per days
4) In case they are abusing, then deduct it like 2 per day and if continues block this ability
5)Sending a reminder to the user to mark as answer is also important.

Just note what I shared are just estimated values and there is a need to assign correct value.

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