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Q&A hurdles and pitfalls

I’ve been using Q&A for a few months now. I was hoping it would be a step up from Technet, but so far I’ve been less than impressed. Here are some of the issues I’ve been hitting on a regular basis:

  • Tags appear to be changeable, but aren’t. I can click to edit them, and everything appears to be working fine until I hit Save. Then the page refreshes, and the tags are unchanged.

  • I frequently try to post a comment, only to have the Submit button do nothing. If I refresh the page and re-submit, it then usually works.

  • When submitting answers, I frequently get this error page: If I retry a few times, it will eventually work. (Ironically, I'm currently getting the same error while trying to submit this feedback!)

  • EDIT: When I submitted this feedback, all my multiline formatting was lost (i.e. everything was put on a single line, including all these bullet points). I'm now having to edit in order to fix it.

  • EDIT #2: Another issue I frequently encounter is clicking on a Q&A link (from an email, for example), and getting redirected to the sign in flow. After signing in, however, I get routed to my profile page instead of the page I was initially trying to navigate to.

  • EDIT #2: Another minor issue: it looks like the post tiles are being double-escaped in certain contexts. For example, on my profile page, the title of this post is listed as "Q&A hurdles and pitfalls".

  • EDIT #3: When inserting a link, pressing Enter doesn’t commit the dialog box

  • EDIT #3: The code editor always inserts an empty HTML comment between two opening curly braces (which is a sequence that occurs often in M syntax), frequently pushing them onto separate lines. If you edit, the empty HTML comment is actually inserted into the reader-visible text, which means lots of M code won’t properly round-trip. Here's an example:

    // Two opening curly braces. They should be right next to each other, with no space in between. But a space is inserted for some reason.
    { {

    // After editing, changing nothing, and re-saving, an empty HTML comment appears between them:
    {<!-- -->{

I've recorded a short video of these issues, which I'm happy to provide if you reach out to me directly.

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Why when writing a question, response or comment
You have to go off the line, unfortunately, by clicking on the Enter or Shift

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@Ehren , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

Hi @Nandha22 , please see the above feedback for the site related errors, thanks!

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@Nandha22, were you able to look into any of these as of yet?, some users are still mentioning the inability to change tags even with Microsoft Moderator permissions, thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback @Ehren. I contacted our team to have good repro steps for each of the issues and open bugs for the right engineering teams.

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