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Partner Center App Trailer Upload

I've been trying to upload a trailer MP4 file for my Partner Center app submission. The file was rejected but no error messages accompanied the rejection message. After raising it as a support issue, I finally found out that my MP4 file had no audio channel. I was told that if I added an audio channel, even if it contained no sound, then that would fix the problem. This I did (after spending a lot of time and effort) and the MP4 file was accepted.

There are two points I would like to raise about this issue; firstly, the MS documentation does not, as far as I have understood it, state the an MP4 trailer file must have an audio channel. It does, however, state specification requirements for one should it be present but it does not state that the presence of an audio channel is mandatory. If an audio channel does not have to contain any sound then why does it have to be present? The MP4 file will happily play without one.

Secondly, the Partner Center performs an analysis of the uploaded MP4 file. Why does it not give a comprehensive diagnostic report of any errors that it found during its analysis?

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anonymous user-ashcroft , thank you for the feedback. This area is for feedback on Microsoft Q&A feedback only. So we are closing this item.

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