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Bug - Activity Feed disappeared

I am unable to see my Activity Feed or view which questions I answered. It instead links to the Microsoft Learn site.


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I tried:

Multiple browsers
Incognito mode
Hard refresh
Clearing my cache

Still nothing :/

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I was running into the same issue, but now my activity feed just takes about 30 seconds to load, here's a short GIF of what I'm seeing (some frames were edited out to save time).

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@MarileeTurscak , thank you for the feedback. This area is for feedback on Microsoft Q&A feedback only. So we are closing this item.

@Nandha22, can you please take a look into this site issue, thanks!

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@MarileeTurscak @JamesTran-MSFT it seems there was an issue with one of our deployments that caused the issue. The activities show now. For users with a lot of activities, it might take a couple of seconds for the activity to load, and not 30 seconds.

Thank you for letting us know and sorry for the trouble.

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