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XQuery and add Image functionality is broken


Unfortunately, problems of this site just piling up.

The problem with CDATA section in the source code is not resolved for a year plus. I reported about it few times to no resolution.

Trying to answer one more question, just bumped into two new problems:

  1. XQuery code even without CDATA section blanks out the entire answer.

  2. I made a screen shot of the solution in SSMS and tried to put inside the answer as an image. And discovered that it is impossible to do that. The image is stretched too much down and it is impossible to submit it. It is stuck on the "Preview and resize" step.

Here is the link: replacing-every-other-occurrence-of-string.html

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@YitzhakKhabinsky-0887 , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

@Nandha22, can you please look into this site related issue, thanks!

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@YitzhakKhabinsky-0887 , are you still having these issues? if so, @VivekKumar9142, or @shans can you please assist? thanks!

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  • The images related issue was resolved.

  • The CDATA section pertaing issue is still not resolved.

CDATA source code is SSMS:

What I see when I am trying to post an answer:

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Unfortunately, the issue came back again in a slightly different form.
T-SQL with Cdata section became blank.

Here is a new link where it happened again: convert-text-format-to-mmddyyyy-in-sql-server
The moment I deleted Cdata section, I was able to post the answer on a question.

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