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[Bug] Statistic won't get updated in the redirected questions

When look into statistics for a Question which has been redirected, it won't show the correct value.
Here is an example, in case you look into:
It shows all unanswered questions in Windows-10-General and you will see a question Language bar missing and you will notice everything (Vote/Answers/Comments) are set to zero meaning there is no answer or comment.
However, if you click on the question it has Answer and Comment:
This happens for all redirected message and this is a bug.
The expected result would be updating statistics for redirected messages too.

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@Reza-Ameri , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

@Nandha22, can you please take a look at this potential bug? thanks

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@Reza-Ameri thanks for letting us. We will work with the engineering team to fix this issue.

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Welcome @saldana-msft and hope this issue will be fixed soon.

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@Nandha22, @VivekKumar9142 has there been any update on this? thanks

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