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Response time

How long is the expected time to get a reply to a question here?
The only comments I have got is about better forums to post my question (like StackOverflow) and comments about my suggestions for tags. The tags are few and it is hard to fit a question in here with this limited rule. They aren't even in alphabetical order!!!
I liked TechNet better.

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@PeterKarlstromMidrange , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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@PeterKarlstromMidrange each Microsoft team has different metrics on getting the questions answered. It should be a couple of days though.

The tags are in alphabetical order in the tags page if you click on the A-Z icon on the top right:

A-Z icon to sort the tags

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Hi saldana

After 4 days I did not get any useful replies, only comments on unproper tags and wrong forums.

When you are writing your question you add the tag on the question page, right?
You dont start on the tags page to sort out useful tasks before you start writing your question.
Have you consider user tests before providing your services?

In the tags field on the Ask question page there is no sorted order at all. Just a caos list of randomly presented tasks.

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