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Mobile App for Microsoft Learning

Having the Microsoft Learn portal and knowledge accessible via a mobile platform would be very beneficial for the ability to continue to utilize the exceptionally helpful information when on the go.

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@saldana-msft, please see the above post regarding Microsoft Learning, thanks!

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@WhitmanKayleigh-8286 this is a very good suggestion. I am passing this feedback to our Microsoft Learn team. I am going to close this feedback as this section is to track feedback on Microsoft Q&A. Thank you!

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I would like share a feedback here which it would be better to invest more in a responsive design website instead of developing an application. This way it would be more accessible and easy to test and deploy regardless of the platform. Microsoft Edge supports pin websites which makes it look like an app.
Therefore, it would be better to work with Microsoft Edge team and invest more on responsive design so users just visit the website and pin it look like an application.

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Would be great

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